The Chiuauaua

I got a new job the other day. It was only part time but I found it to be very interesting. I am helping a man doing pet recovery. On our first job we had to get a gorilla out of a tree.

Upon arriving he informed me that we would be needing a stick, a pair of handcuffs, a shotgun and a chiuauaua. He then explained that he would be climing up in the tree and poking the gorilla with a stick.

Once the gorilla fell out of the tree the Chiuauaua would then jump up and try to go for the gorillas privates, which would lead the gorilla to try and cover himself with poth paws. At this time I was to slap on the handcuffs and viola, the gorilla would be captured.

A bit confused I tried to clarify the operation. "Now let me get this straight" I said, "you are going to climb up the tree, poke the gorilla with a stick. The gorilla will fall out, upon which the chiuauaua will go for the gorillas privates".

"Yes" he said, "so far you've got it right".

Then" I said, "the gorilla will try to cover himself up and I will slap on the handcuffs".

"Perfect" he said. "But what is the shotgun for" I asked?

"That is In case I fall out of the tree first" he said, "Shoot the Chiuauaua!"

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